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Edward L. Witek, Jr., DMD, MAGD Blog

Examining the Myths and Truths About Root Canals

October 4, 2021

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dentist filling patient’s root canal

A root canal may sound scarier than trying to babysit two-year-old sextuplets for the weekend, but if it does, you probably just need to learn more about it.

Why does the term “root canal” elicit fear in so many people? It’s important to remove the fiction and present the facts about root canal therapy. Keep reading to learn more about a procedure that has helped a lot of people through the years.


4 Facts You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

September 8, 2021

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dentist telling a patient facts about root canal treatment

Your toothache has gotten so intense that it kept you from being able to sleep or focus on your work. When you finally visited your dentist, your heart sank when they recommended that you get a root canal. Like many people, you’ve only heard terrible things about this treatment. But the truth is that root canals are nothing to be afraid of! To help you ease your mind ahead of your procedure, a dentist has revealed four facts about root canal treatment that you should know.


How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost?

July 22, 2021

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woman smiling after getting dental bonding from her cosmetic dentist in Uniontown

Clothes, hairstyles, and technology cycle out of fashion all the time, but a beautiful set of pearly whites is one thing that never goes out of style! Unfortunately, many people hesitate to look into cosmetic dentistry because they’re worried about cost. However, dental bonding is an affordable treatment for most patients. With dental bonding, your cosmetic dentist in Uniontown can correct several tiny flaws in your smile in just one appointment. But how much does dental bonding cost? Let’s look at a few factors that affect the answer to that question.


True or False: Can “Bad Teeth” Run in The Family?

July 6, 2021

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girl with questionable look on her face

Have you ever wondered if “bad teeth” can run in the family? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If your parents had dental problems, you will likely experience them as well. Genetics can affect several aspects of your oral health, including how your teeth develop. So, despite your dental care habits, you may be genetically predisposed to certain conditions – here are a few that can be hereditary.


5 Tips to Find the Best Implant Dentist

June 9, 2021

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Woman at consultation for dental implants in UniontownAre you finally ready to invest in the next best thing to your real teeth? Dental implants in Uniontown are the most reliable treatment for tooth loss because they can last for decades. While your oral hygiene habits are important to promoting their lifespan, their success begins with the implant dentist you choose for your procedure. There are many excellent options in the area, but not all will be right for you. Don’t compromise the success of your investment. Here are 5 tips to find the best implant dentist to rebuild your smile.


4 Things That Can Affect the Cost of Implants

May 4, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — myuniontown @ 12:53 pm
Dentist writing on clipboard figuring out cost of implants

You naturally want to know how much you can expect to pay for dental implants in Uniontown before you use them to restore your smile. Unfortunately, you’re likely to have a hard time finding an exact estimate just searching online. That’s because there are multiple factors that can end up affecting the final cost of the procedure. Below are just 4 things that your dentist will need to consider before giving you a range for implant treatment.


Cosmetic Dentistry: Not Just for Celebrities!

March 29, 2021

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woman pointing to her smile after getting cosmetic dentistry work done

It’s no coincidence that your favorite movie stars and musicians all seem to have jaw-droppingly perfect teeth. When cameras are constantly capturing the way you look, you want to feel confident about your pearly whites. That’s why many celebrities improve their smiles with cosmetic dentistry. However, just because a lot of rich and famous people undergo cosmetic dentistry doesn’t mean you can’t fix your smile in the same way. Here are some of the most common smile imperfections and how your cosmetic dentist can help you overcome them.


How Does Your Diet Affect Your Porcelain Veneers?

February 19, 2021

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dentist showing patient veneers in uniontown

If you’ve had veneers for a while, you probably know how to maintain them by practicing proper oral hygiene and taking good care of them on a regular basis. Did you know that there is another key to extend the lifespan of your veneers? Your diet plays a significant role in how long your veneers last and the shape they are in. Keep reading to learn about foods and drinks that can have a negative effect on your veneers and those that can promote their longevity.


Should I See My Dentist About Sensitive Teeth?

January 2, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — myuniontown @ 12:55 am
Woman with tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is very common and can be triggered by a variety of different things, like different temperatures and sugary foods, but how serious is this issue? Is it just a matter of discomfort, or is there something more serious going on? Continue reading to learn more about tooth sensitivity and when you should bring this up to your emergency dentist in Uniontown.


What Causes Morning Breath?

December 3, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — myuniontown @ 2:25 am
Woman with morning breath

We all know what it’s like to wake up in the morning with less then pleasant breath. You don’t like it and neither does your partner. It doesn’t take long to notice, and many people find it embarrassing. However, everyone experiences it from time to time. There are many different reasons why it can occur. Read on to learn more from a dentist in Uniontown about the causes of morning breath and what you can do to keep it from happening in the future.

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