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Edward L. Witek, Jr., DMD, MAGD Blog

8 Dental Problems You Can Avoid Through Dental Exams and Cleanings

May 20, 2020

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A woman covering her mouth.

If you don’t have any noticeable issues with your oral health at this time, you might think that you don’t have to visit a dentist in Uniontown for care. However, the opposite is actually true. Routine exams play a major role in catching dental problems before they become serious. Cleanings make sure that all harmful plaque, tartar and bacteria are not causing serious problems with your oral health. Here are just 8 problems you can avoid by staying committed to exams and cleanings every six months.


5 Surprising Bad Habits That Cause Tooth Sensitivity

April 16, 2020

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Pained man with sensitive teeth should see his Uniontown dentist

Do you experience a flash of pain every time you drink a hot beverage or eat a cold food? Does eating sweet snacks cause a quick stab of discomfort in your teeth? This sensation is known as tooth sensitivity. If the protective shell of enamel on your teeth is worn away, the hypersensitive nerves underneath are exposed to whatever passes through your mouth. Your Uniontown dentist reveals five bad habits you may be practicing that can contribute to enamel erosion and sensitive teeth.