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Orthodontics – Uniontown, PA

Straighter Teeth, Better Smiles

There are two big misconceptions about orthodontics. One, that it’s only for children, and two, it’s purely a cosmetic treatment. Fortunately, Edward L. Witek, Jr., DMD, MAGD can straighten teeth for patients of ALL ages, and this kind of care can actually improve the health of the smile by drastically lowering someone’s risk for cavities. With this in mind, if you’re interested in starting orthodontics in Uniontown, PA for either yourself or your child, we’d love to answer your questions and help you begin, so contact us today!

Why Choose Edward L. Witek, Jr., DMD, MAGD 
for Orthodontics?

  • Happy to Treat Patients of All Ages
  • SureSmile: Virtually-Invisible Orthodontic Treatment
  • Dental Insurance Accepted & Maximized

Traditional Orthodontics

Smile with traditional braces

Metal braces have been used for decades because they are so effective at correcting crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth as well as misaligned bites. Their affordability and durability make them ideal for younger patients, but they are also great for adults who have more complicated orthodontic issues. Today’s brackets and wires are much smaller and have a lower profile than those of the past, giving the appliance a more subtle look that our patients certainly appreciate!



For adults who want to straighten their teeth without compromising their daily appearance in the process, SureSmile offers the perfect solution. Clear, thin aligner trays are used to shift the teeth, and they practically disappear when worn. Only you and Dr. Witek will know you’re undergoing treatment! And, whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth, you can simply take SureSmile out until you’re done, helping it fit seamlessly into any lifestyle.