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Sleep Apnea Treatment – Uniontown, PA

Stop Snoring & Enjoy Great Mornings

When a person has sleep apnea, they briefly but frequently stop breathing throughout the night, and most of the time, they have no clue this is going on. What is more noticeable are the other common symptoms, like chronic exhaustion, loud snoring, and problems maintaining focus or remembering things. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you may have the condition, and Edward L. Witek, Jr., DMD, MAGD can help you overcome it using a simple oral appliance you only have to wear to bed. If you’re ready to start sleeping better and feeling energized in the morning, give us a call today to discuss sleep apnea treatment in Uniontown, PA.

Why Choose Edward L. Witek, Jr., DMD, MAGD 
for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Custom-Designed Sleep Appliances for Each Patient
  • Able to Stop Chronic Snoring
  • More Comfortable Alternative to CPAP Therapy

How We Can
Help You Sleep Better

Man sleeping soundly after sleep apnea therapy

Dr. Witek can give a patient with sleep apnea a small, custom-made oral appliance that will slightly shift their lower jaw forward as they sleep. This prevents the airway from becoming closed during the night, allowing a patient to breathe normally and rest deeply. Another pleasant side effect of this treatment is that the patient will stop snoring, which can make a big difference for anyone who sleeps near them.